Sinisa Pajevic

Mathematical and Statistical Computing Lab
Division of Computational Bioscience
Center for Information Technology
National Institutes of Health
Tel: (301) 435-5049

General Information

Staff Scientist, statistical analysis and computer modelling

Research Projects

Analysis of the In-Vitro Neuronal Multi-electrode Recordings
Analyzing multi-electrode recordings of the in-vitro neural network preparations. Involves (i) finding the attractors of the network using clustering methods (ii) analysis and simulations of the corresponding network topology (with Dietmar Plenz, NIMH).

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)
Involves (i) Parametric and non-parametric statistical anlysis of the DTI data; (ii) color representation of DTI data; (iii) Automated segmentation of the relevant anatomical structures of the brain using fiber tractography. (with Peter Basser, NICHD and Carlo Pierpaoli, NINDS) (iv) B-spline Continuous Approximation of DT-MRI data ( Download BCADT shared library for Linux)

Statistical Estimation of Linkage and Association from Allele Transmission Data
Using a Bayesian approach (Integrated Likelihood Estimation) to estimate Linkage and Association from Allele Transmission Data. A C source code for the "single parent" transmission data is now available for download ( ELAAT). Current work focuses on the full Two-parent Allele Transmission Data for multiple kids and requires highly parallel computer architecture, see Biowulf/LoBoS3 . (with J. Malley, CIT, Joan Bailey-Wilson, NHGRI, and outside NIH, R.A. Redner, J. Badner, T. Severini)

Wavelet-based processing/compression of radiological and MRI images
Working with a team of radiologists at the Department of Radiology (DRD) of the Clinical Center (CC). We investigate the use of the wavelet transform based data compression for radiological and MRI images and developed software used in testing. The goal is to determine/develop the optimal compression protocol to be used in the Department of Radiology. (1995-1997, with Alexander Ling, DRD, CC)

3D PET Noise
Analysis of the noise characteristics of GE Advance PET scanner and comparison between its 3D and 2D modes of acquisition. These results are to be used to improve the design of the scanning protocol for PET studies. (1994-1996, with Richard Carson and Margaret Daube-Witherspoon, PET Department, CC, and Stephen Bacharach, Nuclear Medicine Department, CC)

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Sinisa Pajevic
Mathematical and Statistical Computing Laboratory
Center for Information Technology
National Institutes of Health
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Bethesda, MD 20892-5620
Tel: (301) 435-5049
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